Chris Owen

Love ~       
Strong. Challenging.

Why does it have to be so dang complicated?

Contemporary romance for those who like 
men who make hard choices

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Cowboys:  Bareback, Natural Disaster, and Running Away to Home
Firemen in Ottawa:  911, Cheek to Cheek, and Turn the Other Cheek
BDSM: Deviations series with Jodi Payne: Submission, Domination, Discipline, BondageSafe Words, and Soft Limits (A Jodi Payne solo novel)
Firemen and Cowboys, with Tory Temple: Never Too Early: The Beginning, Never Too Early: Finding Their Way, and Never Too Early: Full Circle
Trey and Deuce, with Tory Temple: By the Numbers, and By the Numbers: Adding it Up

I'm delighted to say that I'll be at the Paris Book Fair in March 2020 along with the wonderful Jodi Payne.  Juno Press has kindly invited us to sign books and hang out with everyone who can make it. 

Treats is a free book in Epub or Mobi. It is made up of micro stories, codas, and other ephemera related to my stories. As I write more material and release it I will update the book. It will always be free, always be available. Share it as you like. 
As of February 2020 the contents are:
Skinny Dipping (Jake and Tor)
Seeing is Believing (Jake and Tor)
Storm in the Heartland (Jake and Tor)
First Christmas (Jake and Tor)
Doing New Year’s Right (Jake and Tor)
Bad Pennies (Jake and Tor. And Travis. Just so you know)
Rain (Jake and Tor)
911 Valentine (Drew and Scott and Eric, 911)
Killer Orange (Mal and Will, Cheek to Cheek)
After the Shift (Charlie and Hank, Shady Ridge and the Neon Sky)
The 12 Days of Finn (Ari and Finn, Converge and Merge)
In Deeds, Not Years 


I'm so happy to let you all know that I've started writing in other general fiction genres as well as romance. For stories that are thrillers, literary, and just a bit different from Chris Owen, please look for me as Sarah MacLeod. There will be gay men, and they might even fall in love, behind the backdrop of trying to save the world.

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