Chris Owen

Love ~       
Strong. Challenging.

Why does it have to be so dang complicated?

These are the things you want to know... a lot


Well, I learned a long time ago never to say Never, but to be frank the chances of me revisiting any of the the people I wrote about ten years ago are slim to none. The only possible exceptions I can thing of might be some of the cowritten work, and I only say that because I enjoy cowriting. 

Because sometimes even heros make mistakes. Terrible ones. He does redeem himself.

Yes, I cried a lot, too. Probably more than anyone. 

This is a very long story and I'm in the process of deciding how much to say and when would be the best time. To make a very long story short, I got sick. I'm mending up now.

Oh god, I hope so.  That's my intention.

She's me. And I'm working on a tale that was totally going to be a Chris Owen story, but I can't find the romantic subplot to save my life. The solution was to grab another of my names and run with it, since I have several other works just sitting here that aren't romance, either. I do hope you'll enjoy them anyway. 

Finances willing, definitely. I love meeting you all! 

To that end, I'll be in Paris at the end of March 2020 for the Paris Book Fair.  Hurray!

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